What is Empowerment Media?

Empowerment Media was founded with the premise that in a globalized, interconnected world it is the responsibility of those with the ability to reach out to people being marginalized, oppressed or abused. Whether with film, photography, audio, art installations, or written articles, Empowerment Media is working to bring international attention to human rights issues and give marginalized peoples around the world the opportunity to have their voices heard.


Empowerment Media holds governments accountable to their people by using investigative journalism and computer assisted reporting techniques to uncover human rights abuses and show that we as a global community will not tolerate oppression of any group of people.


Research provides essential information to contextualize stories and break down the multiple facets of human rights issues. Understanding background, as well as various forms (social, political, economic) and levels (local, state, global) of power that reinforce marginalization is necessary to inspire viable solutions.


Empowerment Media is dedicated to the idea that multimedia journalism can do more than simply provide coverage of breaking news. By doing research to understand every facet of an issue, journalism can uncover the root of the problem and inform solutions.


Simply, Empowerment Media is about bridging gaps between people all over the world and promoting understanding to ensure equality and human rights for all.


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