Why Walmart is Coming to Corvallis, July 12th, 2012

Corvallis Land Use Supervisor Kurt Russell said Thursday that potential developers do not need to disclose the name of the proposed retail development when applying for a building permit in Corvallis.

In response to questions about the recently announced Walmart development at 1840 N.W. Ninth Street, Russell said that the retailer had applied for approval as a grocery store tenant, which was in compliance with the Mixed Use Community Shopping (MUCS) zoning designation of the land.

“As a city we cannot set different standards for different grocery stores,” Russell said.

According to Russell, proposed tenants only need to disclose the use of the development- for example, grocery, office or residential- so that plans can be checked for compliance with building and land use codes. The specific name of the retailer does not have to be mentioned according to Russell.

Russell said that since the city’s land and building codes have been endorsed by the City Council, the Council is not involved in reviewing plans unless they are somehow in violation of city codes. Then, Russell said, the plans would go before the Council and be subject to public review.

The Walmart plans met all the height, setback and other building requirements in addition to according with the land use codes for the area according to Russell.


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